A new DC is an opportunity to dramatically improve the efficiencies and performance outcomes of your supply chain and to act as a catalyst for whole of business improvement. Our DC design service develops new designs that meets your performance needs, maximize capacity and desired service levels at the lowest possible cost.
We start with a comprehensive analysis of your current and future needs, the competitive landscape and the best solutions for you. We then produce a comprehensive DC design including physical layout, infrastructure, IT, processes implementation and an operations manual to ensure the best possible performance. Services we deliver include:

  • Improved layout concepts
  • Scenario and modelling simulations
  • Full NPV analysis covering fixed and variable costs
  • Optimal one-touch flow principles
  • Lean priciples of buffering and JIT to minimise costs
  • Eliminate wasted efforts
  • Optimsing flow of product into, through and out of the DC
  • Security and safety
  • Cross-dock, flow through, pick and pack, value added and kitting operations
  • Food, chemical, pharma, retail, FMCG, manufacturing and speciality DC’s
  • Commissioning and transition operations
  • New workforce planning and training
  • Materials handling systems, operations, engineered work standards and management productivity control systems
  • Redesign of existing facilities
  • A warehouse operations manual
  • Develop a time-phased implementation plan